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Metal Decoration

A unique, lightweight metal sleeve for the canning industry

Our new GravLite system (patent pending) is a unique, lightweight sleeve design for use in over varnish units in the canning industry, applying a protective and decorative clear or tactile varnish.

Changing and maintaining conventional gravure heads can often be a time consuming and costly process which is why we developed the GravLite; bringing efficiency and savings to our customers.


A quick and easy alternate to gravure cylinders

GravLite has been developed to replace the heavy and cumbersome gravure cylinders which have become the industry standard.

GravLite's quick change system will drastically reduce downtime and maximise machine productivity. Additionally the Health & Safety advantages are enormous, as the design limits manual lifting and the associated risk of damage to the operative and of course the expensive gravure unit itself.

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Switching to GravLite is simple

GravLite can be retro fitted to 95% of decorator lines, so making the switch to GravLite is simple. It can be refurbished and the cost of shipping due to its lightweight design is greatly reduced in comparison to a conventional gravure cylinder, lowering the product's carbon footprint.

We provides full in-house production of the GravLite system, ensuring complete control over manufacture. The GravLite system has been rigorously developed and trialled over 18 months by our own Engineering Department, harnessing the latest sleeve technology in order to significantly reduce the weight of the sleeve and ensure the highest quality product.

To find out how you can make the switch to GravLite, contact us today.

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