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Coating Rolls

We specialise in coating rolls on both flexible packaging and gravure units.

We understand how important it is to make sure that there is a balance between the weight of your dry coat and the cost of printing. This is why we've become experts in knowing dry coat weights using our specialised coat weight predictor called ‘COCAL.’

Our 'COCAL' formula saves you time and money

Different coating rolls must achieve specific dry coat weights (g/m²) on differnt substrates.  The ability of ‘COCAL’ to accurately calculate the specification of the coating roll is critical in determining the best engraving solution for your needs. In many cases, a HVS, Trihelical, HVP or conventional 60°style engraving will be used for applying the coat weight due to their cell characteristics.

Our clients have made major savings using our ‘COCAL’ calculator - reducing their annual spend on lacquers and anti mist etc. Achieving the correct dry coat weight (g/m²) time after time not only improves our customers product efficiency and performance but enhances print quality and ultimately improves profitability.


Coating Rolls on product packaging

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