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SAS (Smart Anilox Systems)

Take control of HD reprographics with SAS. 

SAS is an anilox solution tailored to our customer’s printing needs. SAS utilises the latest generation engravings i-Pro and HVP in order to not only improve print results but to reduce anilox inventories and specifications.

i-Pro process engravings allow SAS customers to embrace HD reprographic technology. The cell management of this engraving allows for improved release characteristics meaning that the line count of the anilox can be increased whilst maintaining the vital element of cell control in printing a fine HD dot. 

Wide web / Narrow web

The HVP engraving allows for SAS customers to reduce their anilox inventories. Due to HVP’s cell structure the latitude that one anilox can print is far increased. This means that with three or four specifications of HVP anilox the entire print spectrum can be covered from fine vignettes to excellent solids.

The benefits of SAS are simple:

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