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i-Pro (HD Process)

High definition flexographic printing with the i-Pro

The i-Pro engraving is specifically designed to answer the question of ‘high definition’ printing in flexography. The cell management of this engraving was designed in order to increase release characteristics but maintain the crucial control element necessary in all process printing. This open cell management has allowed us to raise line counts significantly creating finer 0.4% dots and allowing printers to make the most of the recent major advancements made in the reprographic process.

Wide web / Narrow web

With particular significance to wide-web flexographic printing i-Pro has a significant additional benefit. As the speed of printing presses increase above 500 m/pm there is often an inherent ink starvation effect between anilox and printing plate causing inconsistent and low densities. The i-Pro cell management negates this problem with its open design cell management.

Please contact us to be sent a technical sheet on i-Pro. 


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