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Voltec Kit (Volume Measuring)

A wet ink test to precisely measure cm³/m² volumes.

We use the Voltec measurement system to measure all anilox volumes. We do not use depth to measure volume as this is only a theoretical measurement. Instead we use Voltec equipment as this is a wet ink test that gives an indisputable measurement of volume in cm³/m².

The Voltec volume measurement equipment allows print operators to quantify the condition of the anilox in their inventory. Whether the anilox are dirty or worn, this equipment informs users what volumes their anilox are printing at. This minimises press down time and gives ink suppliers the necessary information for strengthening inks. The Voltec kit is a robust tool which can withstand the sometimes harsh environment of a print operation.


Training on Voltec Volume measurement.

We provide full training to ensure that your anilox operatives are completely confident in using this equipment.


Please contact us for more information on voltec kits.

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