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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Soft Clean - Ultrasonic Cleaners

Soft Clean, designed with the support of Sandon Global engineers harnesses the latest generation ultrasonic, mechanical cleaning for anilox and parts. Soft Clean provides fast, effective and safe cleaning for your entire inventory. 
The Soft Clean system provides a bespoke design to meet your exact requirements (i.e. dimensions and anilox inventory). Soft Clean has undergone rigorous testing by Sandon Global's laser engineers evaluating capability clean anilox quickly and also safely. The equipment has a number of features such as cleaning cycles and in-built diagnostics to ensure anilox are cleaned efficiently whilst retaining optimum performance.
Narrow Web Ultrasonic Cleaner

Narrow Web Ultrasonic Cleaner


Key Features:
Our team can help you design a system specific to your requirements, please contact us for more information.


Soft Clean Ultrasonic Cleaner
Soft Clean Ultrasonic Cleaner
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