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Sleeve Store

This versatile, floor mounted, modular system offers the solution of storing all of your print sleeves vertically in one space saving position. This stylish solution stores cylinders securely in modules each of which hold up to 40 sleeves dependent on size. Two modules are fixed to the floor and can support up to four more mobile modules (housing a total of approximately 240 sleeves in a simple six module system). The sleeve storage solution is entirely scalable with additional storage being created by adding further floor mounted and mobile modules allowing the system to be capable of storing thousands of print sleeves to meet your requirements. The storage solution is also capable of storing anilox sleeves.
Sleeve Store offers protection and easy access to your entire inventory of sleeves. Sleeves are safely stored vertically which evenly distributes weight of the sleeve and decreases the risk of stress and damage.


Key Features:

  • Modular system to store your entire inventory
  • Mechanically driven system available
  • Adjustable shelf heights for multiple sleeve types
  • Simple self-assembly
  • Capacity to hold up to 600KG per module 
  • Space saving in the print room
  • Protective sleeve storage
  • Even weight distribution of sleeves
  • Ease of use / safe manual handling
  • Improved efficiency
  • Optional & professional customer branding
    Please contact us to help you design a system specific to your requirements.
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