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Sleeve Covers

Protect your anilox off the press.

The majority of anilox damage occurs when moving anilox from the storage system to the press and vice versa. So, we manufacture a range of sleeve covers to protect the anilox in transition. Our covers are strong and hard-wearing, manufactured from fibreglass they are resilient to the damage that is sustained in the print shop.

The sleeve includes an end ring which protects the anilox at the ends where they are most vulnerable whilst in storage. The end rings can be colour coded for ease of identification. 

Key Features: 

  • Reduces need for refurbishment or sleeve anilox replacement
  • Protection of anilox during storage
  • Strong, hard-wearing material to protect anilox during transition
  • End rings for protection of anilox ends
  • Colour coded end rings for ease of identification


Please contact us for more information about this anilox sleeves.

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