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Cleaning Fluids

Chemical cleaning products to suit whatever ink you use.

We offer a range of chemical products to satisfy all ink types (solvent based, water based and UV). Housekeeping is an essential part of any operation, however it is commonly neglected. The correct use of our chemicals will result in less anilox damage, reduced downtime, increased efficiency and profitability.

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Cleaning Products
Cleaning Products

Cleaning Formula 1 & 2

The ultimate cleaning chemical, for an instant clean.

This will remove all types of ink and should be used for stubborn ink residue which cannot be removed with other chemicals. This chemical provides an intensive clean and should be used periodically to remove the most persistent dried inks alongside mechanical cleaning systems or softer cleaning fluids.

Cleaning Formula 3 & 4

Strong, less aggressive cleaning fluids, for all ink types.

A good daily cleaning solution or for intensive cleaning between mechanical cleans.

Cleaning Formula 6 & 7

For auto-wash and auto-dosing systems.

These chemicals are used in auto-wash systems which run in the corrugated post print industry. The chemicals supplied require connection to an automatic dosing system with the specified dosing ratio.

Xpel Cleaning

For solvent based and UV inks.

This is a very effective and quick working chemical for the removal of printing residues. Xpel gives a high percentage clean to the anilox cells and decreases the time usually required for an effective mechanical clean.


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