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Anistore (Static)

The Anistore (Static) is a floor mounted, space saving storage system minimising the space required on a crowded shop floor for the storage of sleeve anilox. It is ideally located against a wall or between printing presses. Anistore (Static) provides both protection from damage and ease of use. The anilox are simply placed into position and safely stored vertically at an easy height for lifting with protective guarding.
The fibreglass inner sleeves which are used in the construction of an anilox are better stored vertically rather than horizontally as this distributes the weight of the anilox evenly across the base. This decreases the stresses on the anilox base and potentially increases its lifespan.
Much anilox damage occurs when the anilox is being placed in or removed from storage. AniStore (Static) minimises this issue by reducing the potential risk areas of impact damage that you would find when removing an anilox sleeve from a horizontal storage solution.
Bespoke design and manufacture available to store as many anilox as required. 
Key Features:
  • Space saving in the print room
  • Protective anilox storage (Perspex sliding doors)
  • Even weight distribution of sleeves
  • Ease of use / safe manual handling
  • Improved efficiency
  • Optional & professional customer branding

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