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A simple tool for checking the condition of anilox


AniScope is designed as a simple way to check the condition of anilox engravings. The microscope is available with various objective magnifications. This allows the user to quickly ascertain levels of cleanliness, wear and inspect potential damage on the anilox engraving. The AniScope has the added benefit of being compatible with a smartphone to capture images rather than using a cumbersome laptop.

Being able to check whether anilox is producing reduced optical density due to being dirty or worn is important in order to reduce press down time and allow the printer to proactively put in place a cleaning schedule or anilox refurbishment before the print reaches an unsatisfactory level.  

Key Features:
  • Magnetic base for ease of use
  • Smart phone compatible
  • Advanced packages available upon request
Please contact us for more information on AniCheck.
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