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A fast & accurate tool for measuring anilox volumetric capacity

AniCheck is a fast, simple and accurate tool for measuring anilox volumes. Based on the reading of an electrical magnetic field, AniCheck allows print operators to quantify the condition of the anilox in their inventory.
Whether the anilox are dirty or worn, this equipment informs users what volumes their anilox are printing at. This minimises press down time and gives ink suppliers the necessary information for re-formulating inks when required. Volume checking after cleaning is a great way to check anilox are definitively clean but also to allow Print Managers to become more pro-active about replacing worn anilox in their inventory. Long term this should help reduce down-time for colour matching and increase press efficiency. 
AniCheck is a robust tool which can withstand the sometimes harsh environment of a print operation. 
Sandon provide full training and annual laboratory calibration to ensure that customer operatives are completely confident in using this equipment.

Key Features:

  • Digital reading
  • Fast results
  • No calculations required (eliminates chance of miscalculation)
  • Minimises press down time

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