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Sandon Global have invested in X-Rite’s latest generation Spectrophotometry equipment, SpectroEye.

 X-Rite’s Martin Cusack visited our Runcorn facility this week in order to train us on the SpectroEye and to teach us about the over-arching issues regarding colour management and colour standards. This is another example of Sandon Global taking measures to create printing partnerships by understanding the problems faced by not only our customers but also other co-suppliers.

 As our customers are being challenged by end-users to increase quality, Sandon Global believe that it is vitally important to invest in such apparatus so that we can fully recognise the needs of our clients to refine their printing quality.

 Anilox engraving technology is a crucial part of the colour management process. We believe by understanding LAB values and being able to statistically analyse print samples that we will not only continue to offer the industries best anilox technology but also speak to printers technically and understand the challenges that they are facing.


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