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April 2011. Anilox roll manufacturer, Sandon Global Engraving Ltd., has announced the development and launch of Smart Anilox Systems (SAS). SAS is designed for the Wide Web and Narrow Web market sectors, benefiting from the advancements of both i-Pro and HVP technologies.

John Millington, Managing director comments, “Utilising the benefits of i-Pro and HVP technology SAS allows our customers to harness both of their unique capabilities. The unique i-Pro cell management allows our customers to improve the standards of HD and process printing through increased line counts, increased densities and excellent transfer at speeds in excess of 600 m/pm. The HVP engraving allows excellent results on intermediate and solid print. The latest generation cell structure allows us to increase line counts significantly whilst maintaining high volumes. This offers benefits such as reduced inventories, less changeovers (reduced downtime) and increased release characteristics. In printing terms HVP allows for solids with improved ink lay down and excellent vignettes down to a 10 – 15% dot that can be printed on one plate.”

SAS benefits:

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