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Laser Engraving

State-of-the-art laser engraving technology.

The process of laser engraving is crucial to the consistency of our anilox products, which is why we are constantly investing in our four state-of-the-art high definition thermal optic lasers. Our laser room is temperature controlled with laboratory clean conditions, built on an anti-vibratory bed that helps assure the high quality and consistency of our engravings.

The reason we do this is to give our dedicated laser engineers the best conditions (worldwide) to produce the finest anilox. Our innovation comes not only from the quality of our lasers, but the passion and dedication of our laser engineers - their skill and pride in what they do!

Research and development produces the lastest generation engravings.

Sandon Global is committed to spending time every month on the research and development of engravings. This is invaluable time in modifying engravings and pushing the boundaries of what a laser engraved ceramic anilox can do. The unique engravings that we have created produce an unmatched group of anilox to satisfy all our customer needs. All of our latest generation engravings have taken between twelve and eighteen months of research and development with strategic partners who were able to give us time on press to improve and modify our products. 


Unique cell designs release anilox's true potential

We use electronic cell analysis equipment such as Troika to analyse the shapes of all our engraving standards on their tri-axial dimensions. Many competitors have attempted to replicate our unique cell management designs, however without going through the meticulous development stage they have not been able to duplicate the true potential of these anilox due to their intelligent release characteristics.


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