Finishing or polishing is the final stage of manufacturing an anilox roller, and ensures a high quality print.

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Our anilox finishing process

Finishing - or polishing as it is often known - is the final stage of manufacturing an anilox roller.

Once an anilox has been laser engraved the surface of the cells are rough. We use gem polishing equipment with precision settings in order to finish and smooth the cell walls evenly. This is a very exact process as we must maintain the volume of the engraving whilst removing a microscopic amount of cell wall.

The benefits of polishing anilox

The benefit of the finishing process is instantly noticeable to our customers on press. Polishing allows the blade to bed into the anilox a lot more quickly, allowing the engraving to be working at full capacity as quickly as possible. Finishing has most pertinence in the Narrow Web sector, where a poorly finished anilox will damage the doctor blade and even split the blade, just because of the heavily pigmented nature of UV inks used.

Ensuring a perfect finish, every time

It is very important that the anilox engravings are not over polished as this will create thick cell walls and poor release characteristics. Our trained finishers will also measure the volume of the anilox using our accurate Voltec Measuring Equipment. These final stages of inspection in certificating the standard of the cells and the volume of the anilox is crucial in making sure that the final product that our customers receive is of the highest quality.


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