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Engineering Facility

In-house Engineering guarantees high quality products

The engineering and base manufacture of an anilox roller is as important to the finished product as high quality and consistent engravings. Our in-house engineering facility allows us to machine and assemble our anilox from the start of production to the end - this guarantees the quality and consistency of our anilox at every step of manufacture.

Many of our competitors have to outsource the manufacture of anilox; we believe that this factor gives us a competitive edge as we can understand our products better and personally qualify their accuracy. For instance, it is our trained engineers who determine if repair is necessary on anilox sent to us for refurbishment. 

The best performing anilox available on the market

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to take time testing anilox components rigorously. We scientifically gauge which constituent parts and materials are the best and explore how we can improve them to ensure our product remains the most consistent and best performing anilox in the market place.

This in-house department allows us the flexibility and service that other companies are unable to offer. Our engineering specialists allow us to respond to our customer’s requests with a speed and quality that outsourcing cannot provide giving us the ability to hold stock in varying forms or readiness. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to prioritise anilox that need immediate work so that when our customers need anilox quickly, we can deliver!


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