The basis of any good quality Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox is a high quality coating.

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High quality coating from an in-house system

The basis of any good quality Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox is a high quality coating. Our state of the art Triplex T-Coat Hydrogen Plasma Coating System and department allows us to respond to our customer’s requests with a speed that outsourcing cannot match - prioritising your work and reducing lead times. 


Surpassing industry coating standards

The industry standard is Cr2O3, which is a Chromium Oxide Ceramic coating and is commonly referred to as ‘ceramic’. This material was chosen many years ago for its durability, abrasion resistance and most importantly its ability to be laser engraved. 

This Plasma applied coating is anywhere between 0.10mm to 0.20mm thick and is applied to a surface which has been de-greased and grit (fine) blasted to remove any pH’s / oxides and contaminants from the surface. This process also provides a clean, keyed surface for the very fine ‘ceramic’ powder to bond with.


Maintaining anilox quality through coating

A quality and consistent coating allows the laser to create strong cell walls which stand up to the constant demands of wear over a sustained period of time when in continual use with a doctor blade. A substandard coating will cause cell break up, premature wear and scoring as the weak coating is significantly more vulnerable to abrasion. This process is crucial to maintaining the quality of the anilox. 

This is why we developed EDT (Enhanced Densification Treatment) Pre-Laser Treatments

Enhanced Densification Treatment (EDT) Pre-Laser Treatments

EDT is a post-coating specialised treatment procedure developed by Sandon Global that is performed prior to laser engraving making the chromium oxide ‘ceramic’ coating totally impervious to any liquid.

EDT will prevent substrate corrosion and oxidisation regardless of the working environment and will help keep the anilox clean. EDT will also promote a more efficient and consistent evacuation of the engraved cells leading to a higher transfer percentage. Sandon Global have created a specification table that outlines the quality of the coating product expected from our coating supplier, this includes:

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