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About Us

Sandon Global are manufacturers of new and refurbished anilox rolls, anilox sleeves and gravure cylinders.

We were founded in 2004 after noticing a gap in the market for high quality anilox supplies, combined with the latest market innovations and an unrivalled understanding of print. Based in Runcorn, Cheshire, Sandon Global’s staff have a wealth of knowledge in anilox manufacture accumulating in over 250 years of industry experience.

A state-of-the-art UK production plant, supplying worldwide.

Sandon Global have seen significant growth year on year since launch and is now successfully developing its worldwide export markets.

Back in 2010, we moved to a new 20,000 square feet site within which we could continue to expand our production. This inclues an isolated Engineering Department and Laser Engraving facility, with six state of the art high definition Thermal Optic Lasers. These lasers are housed in a clean room condition environment which is climate controlled, plus includes anti-vibratory foundation flooring to ensure quality and consistent engravings are produced. 


Consistent anilox products. time and time again.

It is crucial throughout our manufacturing process that we maintain the consistency of the Anilox - from the basic functionality of the engineered base and ceramic to the constancy of a quality engraving.  

We recognise how important it is to be able to reproduce the same engraving specification time and time again, and understand that our customers depend on this consistency so that they can replicate their print jobs.


Innovation, research and development at the heart of our designs.

From our inception we have put a great deal of emphasis on innovating products to help our customers and their printers.  Research and development time is dedicated each month to working on engravings to both create new products and improve existing ones.  Many competitors have attempted to replicate our unique cell management designs, however without going through the meticulous development stage they have not been able to duplicate the true potential of these anilox due to our intelligent release characteristics.

Our latest generation of Anilox Engravings have taken between twelve and eighteen months of research and development. This period of time is crucial to fully understand the technical advances made by analysing them using equipment such as Troika Cell Analysis and our strategic partners who are able to give us time on press to improve our products. 


Printing Partnerships throughout the industry.

The final characteristic of our business template is partnerships. We believe in an open and honest relationship with our customers and other suppliers to the industry. These constructive relationships allow us to foster long and lasting associations that create a positive environment to overcome problems and improve customer production. We believe that transparency and trust is essential in providing a service that our customers can truly rely upon. 

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